Sunday, 9 October 2016

Festive seasons, shopping and gift ideas

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I hope you are all well and have had an enjoyable weekend.

The festive season is almost upon us. I thought it would be nice to put some gift ideas for the festive season together and have a few of these posts throughout the next few months. Truly, I cannot believe that we are only a few months away from the commencement of a new year. Where has this year gone?!

For the most organised amongst us, shopping for the festivities has most likely already begun if not completed! I was surprised to hear that some already start planning for the coming year festivities many, many months before. I on the other hand, do not usually plan my shopping trips or putting together gift ideas or making these purchases super early. I am indeed someone who likes to give the presents purchased as soon as possible due to the sheer excitement! I want to see their reaction, whether they like it or not etc etc. I don’t really like keeping gifts in my possession for too long… they must be delivered without delay! :D

So, for my first gift ideas, I will focus on beauty… ofcourse ;)

Choices, selection and variety

Below are a couple of products that I bought for a colleague last year. The idea was to get something, cute, relevant, and budget friendly.

A palette is usually a lovely idea for a friend who likes makeup, especially if not certain which shades they prefer. Last year, I went for the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette ‘What you waiting for?’ which contains 18 shades in total; 12 shimmer and 6 matte. The names of the shades are… well let’s say… a little on the naughty/ provocative side. I’m not a huge fan of giving makeup obscene names for various reasons such as exposure to children…but for now we digress! Nonetheless, the shades looked beautiful.


I paired this palette with a striking purple nail polish from Collection. I don’t think one can go wrong with some nail paints from Collection. I got this in the shade ‘Purplicious’. 

Wrapping the gift nicely also adds a special touch to gift giving. Why not try some soft gold wrapping paper to add some elegance to your gift.

Have you commenced your festivity shopping/ gift giving ideas? Let us know in the comments below :)

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Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Big Blogger Expo| LDNmeetup

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well.

It’s currently summer time here in the UK and I must admit that it’s lovely to finally experience some stability in the weather without having to endure 4 seasons in one day as is usually the norm here!
On 24th July, 2016, I had the pleasure of attending the #BigBloggerExpo event organised by the lovely team at LDNmeetup (Lauren and Abi).

There were a wide range of exhibitors at the event which was absolutely awesome as it covered various areas such as beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food and even parenting! This meant that the event attracted a lot of different bloggers and I was really happy to have had the opportunity to meet such lovely people with wonderfully different interests and style. 

I literally did not know anyone that would be attending this event. I was super happy when the lovely Abigail ( ) and Tanya ( ) met me before the event. I couldn’t have possibly wished to meet anyone nicer :)

Now, as for the exhibitors, as we made our way around, I managed to take a few pictures which I have included below. I must say, the structure of the event was really good. It can sometimes feel rather overwhelming attending events given the volume of people present and the rush. However, the amount of people and exhibitors present at The Big Blogger Expo event was just right. I felt that I was able to go round and visit different stalls and speak to different bloggers at ease. 

JewelleryBox had one of the most eye catching stalls adorned beautifully with fine jewellery from earrings to necklaces and rings. 

Heaven Skincare had a lovely array of products displayed from cleansers and primers to their BeeBee cream. Looking forward to trying their range especially as they cater to sensitive skin aswell.

As someone with a science background who has a love for beauty products, I was certainly drawn to this brand as I felt it embodied in material form my likes and interest. We were introduced their dry shampoo and I am really looking forward to the opportunity to trying their products.

This was a very fun range! They’re multi-purpose balms with a couple which have a tint aswell as an original balm with no tint. It has a variety of uses including moisturiser, hair conditioning and since it also has healing properties it can also be used on sun burns! Sounds great especially for those days where one doesn’t have as much time on their hands or space in their bags for many products.

I am someone who works on the computer a lot… hence prone to repetitive strain injury. This range includes relaxing, soothing and calming. Sounds good to me!

Beautiful pieces which have a vintage feel to them. Jody Bell was also present at the event- it was definitely great to see someone who designed their creation to be present at an event where their pieces are present. It gives it a more personal feel.

Lovely pieces- I especially liked their trench coats.

For the foodies out there, this is certainly one to check out! They have a variety of food and drinks as well as a monthly subscription box.

Cute and creative gifts for babies! 

There was also a raffle session at the end… and I actually won something! My number was called out and I won a Happiness Planner! The girl who doesn’t usually win actually won :) And it was an awesome prize which from the sounds of it… a lot of people also wanted… with good reason too! The planner is beautiful and inspirational.

Did you attend the #BigBloggerExpo event or other events recently? Would love to hear from you!
Feel free to leave your links below so that I can check them out :)

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Sheen xxx

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Friendship | Sheen Speaks

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend! Here in London we finally have some sunshine…!

Today I wanted to talk about Friendship. I’m at that stage in life where I’ve completed my studies (for now…) and trying to find my place in this world. During these times it’s inevitable that one would look back and reflect on the ups and downs of the past and remember those who were present, and wonder about those who were absent. I remember back during the school days when we believed that once you had become friends with someone, it was a relationship that would last an eternity. You could become best friends in an instant and bond over the smallest and minute of things. As I’ve grown older, I slowly realised that this was not always the case. The days of easily making friends and building bonds were passing by rather swiftly. Over time, friends and relationships changed, but not always for the better. So, I thought I’d bring you a post today based on friendship. Below I have highlighted a few qualities that you can expect from a good friendship and also certain things which could potentially bring to light a toxic friendship.

Friendship bands

Sunday, 22 May 2016

New Collection | Sheen Speaks

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend.

Today, I bring you some exciting news. I have decided to start a new collection on my blog called Sheen Speaks (#SheenSpeaks).

It comes as no surprise that I love blogging, writing and exploring different avenues. Although the focus of my blog so far has mostly be on beauty (which I have a keen interest on), I would like to expand my horizon and write about subject areas which is close to my heart and will hopefully also be of interest to you. The collection will have a focus on different aspects of life and on subject areas that are relatable.

I have previously written a blog post entitled Reflection, which was a look at the past year and the year to come, aswell as a post on Happiness which went live on the International Day of Happiness. I thoroughly enjoyed writing such posts, although it can be quite difficult because I found that I had to truly look within. Therefore, it would be great to combine these posts into a collection and add to it as time goes by. 

I am very excited about this new project! I am currently working on a post which will be going live this week. The collection will be fully launched on Sunday 29th May, 2016. I have decided to use the hashtag #SheenSpeaks as I would also like your input on the collection! If you have any questions, suggestions or topics you would like covered, please feel free to contact me either via email, or social media (@GoldenandSheen) and also using #SheenSpeaks.

Have a very lovely weekend.

Till next time

Sheen xxx